Mies Julie | 7 March - 19 May 2013 | Riverside Studios

What our supporters say

On October 21st 2013, we embarked on a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to raise £50,000 to help us bring NIRBHAYA to India. Here is what some of our supporters want to say:

It is said that 'one in three women will experience violence in their lives' - I say ALL of us, by virtue of remaining alert every moment, avoiding so many activities & people & attires, participating sub-consciously in the societal rules set around us, live with violence each day. As if participating in some game of Russian Roulette. Thank you for this giant step of creating & spreading awareness

- Piyul Mukherjee, Powai, Mumbai

I am so proud and honored that I was able to support this historic and incredible work of art. I saw the play in London during the summer of 2013 before it went to Edinburgh . I was deeply moved and inspired to do whatever I could to help move this forward so that this important issue is raised and the silence is broken. I so wanted to be in India to see how the play evolved and be part of the history that was made . I was there in spirit. I am so proud of my dearest friend Poorna who had the courage to stand up and take this on in such a powerful and brave way. Absolutely FEARLESS in every sense! -

- Cornelia Eggert New York, NY

I just love the Nirbhaya team, your passion, commitment and most of all your courage to actually do something is inspiring! -

- Ranjit

We acknowledge you and support you whole heartedly in your mission to bring awareness towards violence against women! Thank you for your vision! Wishing you much success with your tour!! -

- Chaudry family

Congratulations on such a powerful, sensitive yet bold portrayal of what the world needs to wake up to. You have all put yourselves through so much, and make no mistake, you will be heard. So proud to know you, have watched you and raised my hand with you. -

- Stuti Ramachandra, London

You moved me so much. I hope you can take this message around the world now. -

- Teresa in Bristol

Huge congrats and thrilled you started the journey toward awareness and positive change. Brilliant. -

- Mike C

Thank you for your passion, bravery, creativity and for open the world's eyes that little bit wider -

- Johnny Vulkan, New York

It was such a moving experience to watch the play enacted in Delhi. Beautifully directed, performed and presented. Thanks so much for coming to India. I am involved in a project where we are breaking the silence about lessons in texts books which are discriminatory, badly written and exclude certain categories of persons. The project was taken up because we believe that conditioning of minds begins at a very young age and text books like story books have an important part to play in bringing change. -

- Jyoti Sapru nee Dar

As a member of the Seattle Police Department's Domestic Violence Victim Support Team, I can attest that you would have a fervent fan base to sell-out your shows if you performed your work here in Seattle. -

- Ken Fagan, Seattle, WA

Keep on keepin' on!

- Aly (Toronto, Canada)

As a father, husband, brother and son, I pledge my support to Nirbhaya and the worldwide struggle to stop violence against women -

- Fred Schreuder, UK

I am deeply honored and happy to have had the opportunity to support Nirbhaya in their quest to raise awareness about violence against women and to speak up for all the victims around the world. Thank you! -

- Niklas Hall, Copenhagen

I hope your efforst lead to extraordinary change -

- siddharth ganesh, Singapore

Great job -

- Siddharth Aggarwal

Good luck with the latest tour! -

- Nicola, London

Thank you for your courage and vision. This work demonstrates the power of theatre in society and opens the much needed conversation of sexual violence. -

- Courtney M Anderson - Chicago, IL USA

This show is amazing and beautiful and so important! -

- colleen smith

So proud of you guys. Now hightail it back to Lalaland. We need folks like you to help save this city! -


This is an important story that needed to be told. -

- Michael in Perth

Having just returned from a 6 month stay in Varanasi, I am aware of the urgent need to repond to the horrific incidences of rape, acid attack and honor killings perpetrated against the women of India and reported on a daily basis in newspapers across the country. Hope Nirbhaya can help make a change.

- Terry Burrows NSW Australia

Congratulations to the brave ground-breaking women of Nirbhaya and the history that you have made with your efforts. Congratulations to my friend Poorna for having the sheer guts and determination to help make the world a better place. -

- Carol Costello

I am so proud of what everyone connected with Nirbhaya has achieved. The world needs to hear your stories. -

- Jim Kenton – USA

Good luck with the shows. -

- Anonymous

Your work was one of the most astonishing and important pieces of theatre I have ever seen. Every woman in every part of the world deserves to live without fear and to be fulfilled -

- Heather Alderson. London

Your work is so important to women all over the world. Thank you for the priviledge of being a tiny part of your amazing production. -

- Lilly Spitz, Sacramento CA

Great work!

- Rekha Misra (NYC)

Society must be confronted with the horror of sexual violence if anything is to change. The story of the Delhi rape case has haunted me since I heard of it. -

- Anonymous

I'm proud to support theatre that can really make a difference to women. -

- Catherine Johnson

Keep up the good work Nirbhaya! -

- Louisiana Lush, United Kingdom

Safe travels to India - congratulations on making it happen. -

- LMac in Vancouver, Canada

Keep on being fearless. You have managed to do something truly amazing. -

- Christian Cocker, Los Angeles

Proud to support such an important initiative -

- Anonymous

Keep on doing the good work! -

- VK, Finland

Thank you team NIRBHAYA for breaking the silence and your courage to share your stories. As devastated as I was when I left the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh in August, as much did I also feel the life-changing power of the play I had just witnessed. The pledge to be silent no more has stuck with me ever since... There is so much power and beauty in your work and I feel honored to at least be able to support you through kickstarter! -

- Hannah Taschen, Cologne, Germany

The most powerful piece of theatre. Thank you. -

- Anon

Imagine a world where women and men will be equal; women can pursue their dreams and get the respect and dignity. Team Nirbhaya will play a big role in realizing that, Keep going folks. very proud of you all !! -

- Tejomoy Das, Kolkata, India

I saw this show in London just a few weeks ago and it's extraordinary -- you must see it

- Lisa

I'm not one for words, but what is being done here is amazing

- Anonymous

As each of them recounted their stories, one by one they were compelling, provocative and highly personal. Nirbhaya is a powerful and important production that tells us it is time to stop being part of the silent audience. Speak out, protest, shout, educate and change this misogyny driven society.

- Shama khan and Gavin udall

BRAVO - keep up the great work - please bring NIRBHAYA to the US.

- Kapil Gupta

Astonishing feat.

- Mick McCabe

All the Best

- Ashim

Congratulations in creating a powerful way to educate and change the lives of women and men.

- Manimala Kumaravel

Congratulations, Team Nirbhaya! We are honored to have supported you and to have participated in your bold artistic and important work.

- Jen and Rob

Every voice counts!

- tara baswani

Excited and humbled to be able to support such an important and daring production

- Paul Salama, Brooklyn

fantastic job on bringing a subject that haunts 87% of indian women that have been abused and the 13% in constant danger of being preyed upon

- aneesha

For the brave and brilliant work you have done in the UK and India, and for the successful continuation around the world. Love, blessings and thanks, Imogen x

- Imogen Butler-Cole, London, UK

great show!

- anonymous

Great work you are doing in bringing awareness to the movement to end violence against women!! Thank you!

- Brittany - New York, NY

Here's to breaking the silence and showing that with enough support 'you can achieve anything'. So happy to have been able to help and so proud that we got the show to India. Well done to everyone involved, especially the amazing and brave cast members sharing their stories.

- Hena - London

I am honored to have been a small part of this extraordinary project!

- Hanya Kim

I cannot say how much I admire the tremendous courage and willpower of Y Farber and her cast.

- Valerie C.A., London

I hope your project brings positive changes for women all over the world.

- K Bishop & D Gerhart, Toronto

I think of you every day since I met you twice in Edinburgh. I'm thrilled and encouraged by your progress, and I honor you all.

- Jackie Schwimmer, New York, NY

I'm hoping your message will reach and enlighten audiences in India who don't usually have access to this kind of thing. Good luck and I wish you all well.

- Janavi Kumar, Minneapolis, MN, United States

I'm so pleased to see this inspiring and important work spreading. Please keep it up.

- Ged Welch, Edinburgh

Keep up the good work

- Ranjith

Keep up the good work!

- Parvesh Cheena

Love it when art can make an impact like this!

- Vasant Nath

Please do not stop..till this brutality stops.


Shakti Empowerment is Shakti Blessings

- Ellaeenah, Energy Intuitive & Spiritual Facilitator, India

Silence on violence is barbaric

- Jason Fitch

So thankful I could be a part of this journey. This play must be seen everywhere!

- Anonymous

thank you all for bringing such a powerful and necessary work to the stage. The message, i believe in my heart, will eventually get through.

- sneha mistri

Thank you All for your courage and vision to shine a light in a dark place. Strength to you!

- Jorge G. - Los Angeles

Thank you for breaking the silence and awakening the world!!!

- Sujata, San Francisco

Thank you for creating this wonderful project. Please let us know how we can continue to help.

- Meera Simhan/ Ravi Kapoor- Los Angeles, CA

thank you for speaking up for women everywhere

- cecilia yeomans, uk

Thank you for telling your stories. You are changing the world one performance at a time. Thank you

- Kirsty Bogle Scotland

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. You have given many of us a voice. Keep the good work going. Best wishes to you all.

- Aarti Raja, United States

Thank you for your important work in combating violence against women!

- Anonymous


- Jerry Lockspeiser, UK

Thankyou for highlighting the issues women face in the world. I salute you and hold my hand out to you.

- Jackie, Woolensbrook, Hertfordshire

To All the fearless women who are fighting for Justice, Please note you are not alone in this crime against Women and Humanity. Thank You Team NIRBHAYA for inspiring and helping bring change in Society.

- Vishesh Sharma

Wonderful initiative. Would love to see the play come to San Francisco

- Basab Pradhan

You guys are doing a wonderful job in supporting the activites and bringing awareness among the people. Fantastic !!!

- Srikanth Chinnam

The most necessary and critical play that I have ever witnessed! This is not just a theatre production but rather a revolutionary for social change!

- Fiona from Glasgow

no has the right to exploit another, never give up

- Claire Dikecoglu, London

Glad to support such a great initiative.

- Elaine Woodford

the amazing, haunting and giving performance I have ever seen - beautiful, despite the tough subject matter

- David Hole

You do not always have to shout to break the silence

- Clem

We have had enough silence, we have had enough fear, we have had enough willful blindness. Now we will talk about what is happening, a lot, and loudly, and we won’t care who we upset doing it. Cheers guys, and good luck.

- Fred Maynard, London

Thank you. Just...thank you.

- Andrea Owens, Newcastle upon Tyne

Hope it went really well, for a great cause!!

- Andy & Jess, London

Nirbhaya was a life-changing event and the cast/crew deserve so much credit for what they are bringing to the world - turning negatives into positives. Thank you.

- Jesal, London

Thank you

- Gayathri

A very important play

- Pravesh Kumar Rifco Arts

good luck with this very important project

- Brendan O'Sullivan

Amazing work - keep spreading this powerful message for those who cannot!

- Caroline Wolhuter

delighted this performance has a tour

- Maggie

Amazing work.

- Ali Kellog, Los Angeles, CA. USA.

A vitally important play, magnificently brought to life by all involved.

- Donal O'Kelly, Ireland

Bravo! Let me know how I can help to bring it to NY

- Geetika Agrawal, New York

Fantastic idea!

- YT, New York, NY

What you are doing is great!

- Marilyn Aden & Sam DeHaven

You're an Inspiration to All! Keep it Up!

- Conn F, Venice CA

Thank you for your work. For telling stories of power and healing. For the courage to speak light into the dark places.

- Sarah

The time to end sexual violence is long over due.

- Jon Weber - Iowa

What a powerful story that must be told all over the world for women to break the silence around abuse of any kind and for perpetrators to understand that we will not be quiet! Congratulations on showing Nirbhaya in India! We are proud to support your efforts and wish you all the best as you take this all over the world.

- Narayan Family- Los Angeles, Prabhu Family- New Delhi and Mickie Robbins- Los Angeles

thrilled to be part of this - congratulations to an extraordinary piece of theatre - world changing

- fiona caulfield india

This is a just cause

- Serge from France

Congratulations on taking this important work to one of the places in the world that needs it the most! You are brave and courageous! Thank you!

- Jennifer McGrath New York, NY

Stay strong and wishing all of you the very best!

- Ben

All the best for this important production. I hope it reaches as many people as possible.

- Jennifer Banks

I hope you'll have the opportunity to showcase this very important work everywhere in the world. Thank you for breaking the silence, and touching the hearts of women worldwide.

- Mahlet A. Woldetsadik

I wholeheartedly support the 'Nirbhaya' production and hope to watch it live at some time in the future.

- Anonymous

Congratulations to Poorna and the Nirbhaya team for bringing this important work to the world.

- Ann Kaneko, Los Angeles, CA

All the very best!

- India

Keep up the momentum - an idea can indeed create a revolution!

- Bhuwan Agrawal

This needs to be shared.

- N.C, Surrey

Only through awareness we can bring in a change!

- Aravind Mohan, Providence

March on, Nirbhaya.

- Jinal Shah

Good work spreading the truth!

- Eric Holloway

To the Cast, producers and Director, May you all be blessed for your strength, courage and personal emotional investment in breaking the silence again and again, I cannot imagine how difficult it has to be to recount stories of such deeply disturbing experiences but know it has to be told to prevent it from happening to generations to come, as Madiba said, you are making the world a better place, not for yourself but those still to come. I salute each and everyone of you!

- Nico Brits, South Africa

Good luck and keep up the good work, Poorna (et al)!

- Sharat Raju

I saw the show in Edinburgh and was blown away. Best of luck with it!!

- Darren O'Shaughnessy

Best wishes.

- Carter-Whitneys, Toronto

Poorna, you are amazing. xx

- Sherrie Berger, US

Bon courage to all involved in Nirbhaya. Thank you for your witness to justice.

- Mary Ellen Chown

Be Safe, Stay Strong.


Thanks to everyone who is helping to bring this tragedy to world attention.

- Meg D. United States

Thank you for breaking the silence

- Pema Rocker

All men and women are created equal!

- Michał Jerzy Kołodziejczyk, London

All women deserve to feel safe and protected.

- A frequent visitor to India

Always remain fearless, Nirbhaya!

- Nayanika Mahtani

Ask the Goverment of India to find a way to eliminate the problem, NIRBHAYA is great show watched it at SouthBank

- Abdul Kalam,London

Be brave, be loud, be heard.

- Louise Acheson

Be strong in showing the truth that others would wish you to hide.

- Shari Whitman

Best wishes and luck for the production

- Shona Rawlings, Glasgow UK

Best wishes. You are doing wonderful work!

- Diane Mashia in Rochester, NY

Blessings and Safe Travels as you share this story.

- Raspberry Moon Skin Therapy

Break the silence

- Neil

Bringing NIRBHAYA to India is crucially important and I'm honored to support it.

- Satnam Narang, Founder of The Pushpa Project

Congrats on coming to India. Couldn't get tickets, though!

- Uttam Sirur, India

Congratulations and well done!! In solidarity with survivors of sexual assault everywhere.

- Judy Flanagan. Phoenix

Congratulations on the wonderful production.

- Nish Acharya, USA

Consent is mandatory!

- Sebastian Milla

Courage and good luck!

- Leon, Singapore

Dear Team Nirbhaya, From the day I came across this on social media pages, without a second thought I pledged my full support to Breaking the Silence. I donated, I posted and I came to see the play. I raise my hand to fight for change, for a better and safer world for India and the world's women. For our mothers, daughters and sisters.We will stand united to be the change we want to see. Keep on going , we have our hands raised with you now and always. Natasha

- Natasha Chandra, London/Hyderabad

Delighted to donate towards Nirbhaya's journey

- Claire Porter. London

Everyone's life matters. We must fight for humanity. Thank you for doing this important work.

- Nivair G., United States of America

Fantastic cause! Great to see a team of active people running this cause. This was money well spent :D

- Anshulika Dubey, Co-founder, Wishberry.in

Fighting pain, suffering, ignorance et al with strength, wisdom, art is the only way I know how...thank you

- Randi S - Denver

For the women in my life who've struggled for justice and had to settle for less

- Alex Hill

Good luck in India!

- Richard, London

Good luck with the project. It's incredibly inspiring to witness what you've created, and to see how a global community have come together to make this journey possible.

- Jessica Lehmann, USA

Great going, good cause!

- Tanmoy Roy, Toronto

Great work and a strong message!!! I truly hope this project can kickstart the change that is so desperately required in India!!

- anonymous

great work!

- Tedi Tafel, Montreal

Her sacrifice exhorts all women to dare to live and fight for freedom.Jyoti will remain the Blazing trails for others.

- Smita Pandey,California,USA

Honoured to have supported this wonderful project. All power to you all xx

- Morgan lloyd malcolm

I hope that the performances of the play in India will help to increase public awareness of the horrendous effects of sexual violence in that country.

- Lawrence Samuels - UK

I hope that your production will be life-changing for as many women (and men) as possible and that people in India will wake up to the reality that the men in their communities are barbaric bullies who should face huge penalties if they dare to violate women in the future. They should feel ashamed and embarrassed for attacking defenceless women.

- Angela, Haslemere, UK

I really appreciate the support your website gives to artists in fulfilling their dreams & visions.

- Gautam Kishanchandani, Bombay.

I really hope that such organisations can help the women in everyway for their protection.

- Nitu & Harshita Soni. (Mumbai)

I saw Nirbhaya at the Edinburgh film festival and was deeply touched by all the women's honest and bravery.

- Remi

Thank you for speaking up and thank you for bringing this production to men and women around the world.

I saw Nirbhaya in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival 2013. I had to see it twice because I knew I may never see anything so powerful or as important again. I haven't stopped telling people about it. it is incredible. The stories told were hard to listen to, but what was harder to comprehend was that the 6 stories told were only a pin drop in the vast amount of daily abuse that takes place across the world. The silence needs to be broken and change needs to happen. I applaud Nirbhaya for what they have started.

- Holly McLaughlin, Edinburgh

I saw the play at Edinburgh Fringe and London & was overwhelmed. You’ve done more to help women than any political group.

- Bharati Angela Jariwala

I support women's safety, equality and respect! Wish you all the best team Nirbhaya!

- Sanket Naik (Musician)

Incredible and inspirational piece of work - I hope it brings the change that is needed.

- JB - Ireland


- Bob Lindsay-Smith

It is a woman that gives birth to a man

It is an honor to support this kind of work. Thank you.

- Naveen Bahar Choudhury

It's great work you're doing out there !

- Jigar Parmar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

Keep spreading the word.

- Kuyler lang

Keep up the good work

- Aditya Relangi

Keep up the good work

- Fredrik Odland

Keep up the good work

- Johanna

keep up the good work. You're doing a fantastic job!

- Rowan Edwards

Keep up this important work

- P Parkinson

Keep up your amazing work on behalf of women everywhere!

- Poonam Prasad, New York City

Looking away in disgust is easy. Believing that you can make a difference is hard. So proud of you for breaking the silence!

- Soham & Radhika

Many congratulations on reaching & exceeding your goal. I hope to see it someday x

- Joanna Colin - Manchester - UK

May all beings be happy.

- J.T.

May the beautiful side of the human spirit prevail.

- André Bose do Amaral, Mecenato (Italy)

Maya Angelou said anger is like fire, burning everything clean. It's about time for that.

- A sister, UK

Never again!


Nirbhaya is a powerful and important play that should be seen by everyone.

- Polly Allen

Nirbhaya needs to be watched. Have the courage to watch it.

- Aditi Thorat

Please continue to break the silence!

- Karthick and Kanchana, Singapore

Powerful play that deserves to be seen by all

- A.Grau

Sending love and hope and prayers. May you be fearless!

- Mary Sears, Massachusetts USA

Shame I didn't see it, please inform us if a video or other performances happen. Thanks

- Sofia Olins, London

Silence is one of the most powerful enablers of sexual violence. Thank you for inspiring us to speak up. Thank you for your hard work, your courage, your voice - and for raising the voices of others. Thank you.

- Rutuparna Das ^__^

So glad to see the success this show is having. One of the best and most important pieces of theatre I have ever seen. Onwards and upwards!

- Shai Hussain

So happy to be supporting this initiative!

- Shreya Mukherjee, New York City

So proud to be part of Nirbhaya

- Ali Glasgow

Solidarity and peace, sisters of India.

- John Cosgrove

Stop violence against women.

- Steven Hoffmann

Such an important play. Thank you.

- Julie Krausz, London

Such an important work of art-so proud of your work.

- Kelly Mealia, NY, NY

Thank you for all you're doing for this worldwide crisis.

- Holly Mosher - Venice, CA

Thank you for heightening awareness about sexual violence.

- Rev. Derek W. White

Thank you for making a difference through your art!

- Anon.

Thank you for producing such ground-breaking theatre. First break the silence in India, and then every single other country on earth.

- Janey Stephenson, UK

Thank you for raising the awareness about violence against women. Hopefully, your efforts will make a difference in the way people behave.

- Dianne Higgins, Hawaii

Thank you for taking action on this critical issue.

- Bhavesh Shah, California

Thank you for taking this vital message and initiative to the world.

- Jeanette K

Thank you for telling this powerful story helping us to draw strength from troubles and grow stronger with action & hope.

- Larenda T.

Thank you for your breathtaking bravery in presenting your stories. You can move the world as you moved me in Edinburgh.

- Judy K. Cohen, Bridgewater, Virginia, USA

Thank you for your work lifting the veil of silence.

- Nelle McCall, Sopchoppy, Florida

Thanks for your hard work

- Deepa Purohit

The story of this young woman's shocking and horrific gang rape & mindless murder must reach a world audience and especially be seen by people who have either never seen theatre or normally have no access to it. It is essential that every man, wherever he is in the world, faces his demons, must understand that there is no entitlement to over power, abuse and rape anyone.

- Scott Ainslie

This is wonderful! Keep up the good work

- RR, Idaho USA

This work of art will hopefully educate people through expressionism, to the wrong doings and victimisation of women abroad. Well done Nirbhaya team, this is such a good cause!

- Miaya KC, (Asian Mahila Association AMA)www.mahila.co.uk, Farnborough UK

Very courageous and powerful work to expose and challenge the values of the society we live in.

- Anonymous

Violence against women is one of the most important stories to be told and discussed around the world. You ALL are an inspiration. Kudos for bringing this topic to life. Many heartfelt Thanks for all you have done and continue to do. Warmest Regards

- Navneet Singh Narula, Atlanta, USA

Viva the revolution of love and peace! We won't be stopped!


What you guys are doing is amazing. Good luck!

- Sarah Ramsey

Wishing this worthy project all the very best

- Natalie Macaluso, London

Wishing you every success in raising awareness of sexual violence in particular against women.

- Heather

You are amazing as is you message. i hope all that see this truly see this.

- Matt Hurcomb UK

Zero tolerance against all forms violence against women

- Rahul Varma, playwright and artistic director, Teesri Duniya Theatre www.teesriduniya.com




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