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NIRBHAYA premiered at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world, in August 2013. It won the coveted Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award given to an outstanding Fringe production which raises awareness of human rights. It also won the Scotsman Fringe First and the Herald Angel Award for Outstanding New Play.


On the night of December 16th 2012 a young woman and her male friend boarded a bus in urban Delhi heading for home. What followed, changed the lives of these two people and countless others forever. Internationally acclaimed playwright and director Yael Farber creates a searing new work that cracks open the cone of silence around women whose lives have been shattered by gender-based violence.

With an extraordinary cast and creative team from India, Farber brings us a blistering evocation of that terrible night and the ripples of change it set in motion. Tearing away the shame that keeps the survivors silent NIRBHAYA is a voyage into a tapestry of personal testimonies that speaks for a nation and world no longer able to hold the tides of change at bay.

Much like Farber's previous award-winning testimonial creations (AMAJUBA, WOMAN IN WAITING, HE LEFT QUIETLY) NIRBHAYA bares witness to the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit for survival, redemption and change. An unforgettable work that moves and inspires audiences with the sheer capacity of the human spirit to rise, to bare witness, to survive and turn the tide.

What our supporters say

On October 21st 2013, we embarked on a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to raise £50,000 to help us bring NIRBHAYA to India. Here is what some of our supporters want to say:

It is said that 'one in three women will experience violence in their lives' - I say ALL of us, by virtue of remaining alert every moment, avoiding so many activities & people & attires, participating sub-consciously in the societal rules set around us, live with violence each day. As if participating in some game of Russian Roulette. Thank you for this giant step of creating & spreading awareness

- Piyul Mukherjee, Powai, Mumbai

I am so proud and honored that I was able to support this historic and incredible work of art. I saw the play in London during the summer of 2013 before it went to Edinburgh . I was deeply moved and inspired to do whatever I could to help move this forward so that this important issue is raised and the silence is broken. I so wanted to be in India to see how the play evolved and be part of the history that was made . I was there in spirit. I am so proud of my dearest friend Poorna who had the courage to stand up and take this on in such a powerful and brave way. Absolutely FEARLESS in every sense! -

- Cornelia Eggert New York, NY

I just love the Nirbhaya team, your passion, commitment and most of all your courage to actually do something is inspiring! -

- Ranjit

We acknowledge you and support you whole heartedly in your mission to bring awareness towards violence against women! Thank you for your vision! Wishing you much success with your tour!! -

- Chaudry family

Congratulations on such a powerful, sensitive yet bold portrayal of what the world needs to wake up to. You have all put yourselves through so much, and make no mistake, you will be heard. So proud to know you, have watched you and raised my hand with you. -

- Stuti Ramachandra, London

You moved me so much. I hope you can take this message around the world now. -

- Teresa in Bristol

Huge congrats and thrilled you started the journey toward awareness and positive change. Brilliant. -

- Mike C

Thank you for your passion, bravery, creativity and for open the world's eyes that little bit wider -

- Johnny Vulkan, New York

It was such a moving experience to watch the play enacted in Delhi. Beautifully directed, performed and presented. Thanks so much for coming to India. I am involved in a project where we are breaking the silence about lessons in texts books which are discriminatory, badly written and exclude certain categories of persons. The project was taken up because we believe that conditioning of minds begins at a very young age and text books like story books have an important part to play in bringing change. -

- Jyoti Sapru nee Dar

As a member of the Seattle Police Department's Domestic Violence Victim Support Team, I can attest that you would have a fervent fan base to sell-out your shows if you performed your work here in Seattle. -

- Ken Fagan, Seattle, WA

Keep on keepin' on!

- Aly (Toronto, Canada)

As a father, husband, brother and son, I pledge my support to Nirbhaya and the worldwide struggle to stop violence against women -

- Fred Schreuder, UK

I am deeply honored and happy to have had the opportunity to support Nirbhaya in their quest to raise awareness about violence against women and to speak up for all the victims around the world. Thank you! -

- Niklas Hall, Copenhagen

I hope your efforst lead to extraordinary change -

- siddharth ganesh, Singapore

Great job -

- Siddharth Aggarwal

Good luck with the latest tour! -

- Nicola, London

Thank you for your courage and vision. This work demonstrates the power of theatre in society and opens the much needed conversation of sexual violence. -

- Courtney M Anderson - Chicago, IL USA

This show is amazing and beautiful and so important! -

- colleen smith

So proud of you guys. Now hightail it back to Lalaland. We need folks like you to help save this city! -


This is an important story that needed to be told. -

- Michael in Perth

Having just returned from a 6 month stay in Varanasi, I am aware of the urgent need to repond to the horrific incidences of rape, acid attack and honor killings perpetrated against the women of India and reported on a daily basis in newspapers across the country. Hope Nirbhaya can help make a change.

- Terry Burrows NSW Australia

Congratulations to the brave ground-breaking women of Nirbhaya and the history that you have made with your efforts. Congratulations to my friend Poorna for having the sheer guts and determination to help make the world a better place. -

- Carol Costello

I am so proud of what everyone connected with Nirbhaya has achieved. The world needs to hear your stories. -

- Jim Kenton – USA

Good luck with the shows. -

- Anonymous

Your work was one of the most astonishing and important pieces of theatre I have ever seen. Every woman in every part of the world deserves to live without fear and to be fulfilled -

- Heather Alderson. London

Your work is so important to women all over the world. Thank you for the priviledge of being a tiny part of your amazing production. -

- Lilly Spitz, Sacramento CA

Great work!

- Rekha Misra (NYC)

Society must be confronted with the horror of sexual violence if anything is to change. The story of the Delhi rape case has haunted me since I heard of it. -

- Anonymous

I'm proud to support theatre that can really make a difference to women. -

- Catherine Johnson

Keep up the good work Nirbhaya! -

- Louisiana Lush, United Kingdom

Safe travels to India - congratulations on making it happen. -

- LMac in Vancouver, Canada

Keep on being fearless. You have managed to do something truly amazing. -

- Christian Cocker, Los Angeles

Proud to support such an important initiative -

- Anonymous

Keep on doing the good work! -

- VK, Finland

Thank you team NIRBHAYA for breaking the silence and your courage to share your stories. As devastated as I was when I left the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh in August, as much did I also feel the life-changing power of the play I had just witnessed. The pledge to be silent no more has stuck with me ever since... There is so much power and beauty in your work and I feel honored to at least be able to support you through kickstarter! -

- Hannah Taschen, Cologne, Germany

The most powerful piece of theatre. Thank you. -

- Anon

Imagine a world where women and men will be equal; women can pursue their dreams and get the respect and dignity. Team Nirbhaya will play a big role in realizing that, Keep going folks. very proud of you all !! -

- Tejomoy Das, Kolkata, India

I saw this show in London just a few weeks ago and it's extraordinary -- you must see it

- Lisa

I'm not one for words, but what is being done here is amazing

- Anonymous

As each of them recounted their stories, one by one they were compelling, provocative and highly personal. Nirbhaya is a powerful and important production that tells us it is time to stop being part of the silent audience. Speak out, protest, shout, educate and change this misogyny driven society.

- Shama khan and Gavin udall



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