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NIRBHAYA premiered at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world, in August 2013. It won the coveted Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award given to an outstanding Fringe production which raises awareness of human rights. It also won the Scotsman Fringe First and the Herald Angel Award for Outstanding New Play.



NIRBHAYA - Written and Directed By Yael Farber on Vimeo.

On the night of December 16th 2012 a young woman and her male friend boarded a bus in urban Delhi heading for home. What followed, changed the lives of these two people and countless others forever. Internationally acclaimed playwright and director Yael Farber creates a searing new work that cracks open the cone of silence around women whose lives have been shattered by gender-based violence.

With an extraordinary cast and creative team from India, Farber brings us a blistering evocation of that terrible night and the ripples of change it set in motion. Tearing away the shame that keeps the survivors silent NIRBHAYA is a voyage into a tapestry of personal testimonies that speaks for a nation and world no longer able to hold the tides of change at bay.

Much like Farber's previous award-winning testimonial creations (AMAJUBA, WOMAN IN WAITING, HE LEFT QUIETLY) NIRBHAYA bares witness to the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit for survival, redemption and change. An unforgettable work that moves and inspires audiences with the sheer capacity of the human spirit to rise, to bare witness, to survive and turn the tide.

NIRBHAYA - In Performance Feature and Review on New York Times





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